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Volunteering looks great on your CV


If you want to make a difference and get more hands on, why not get involved in a community project or volunteering activity.

Volunteering, or doing unpaid work, is also a good way to gain experience and new skills, which employees are looking for.  It can be frustrating when employees won't hire you because you don't have experience yet no one will give you the opportunity to gain experience.  This is why it can be good to offer your time for free.

Remember to list any volunteering you have done on your CV and talk to employees about what you have learned from your experiences.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities with the Forestry Commission, become a volunteer Ranger or get involved with tree conservation.

Join the National Park and partners and help fund raise, clear hedges, support and initiate campaigns.

If you know of any projects taking place or volunteering opportunities, make sure you post any details.  Perhaps you're involved in something yourself and need a few extra hands?

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